Business Licensing

All businesses, including home-based businesses, require a business licence issued by the City. Business licences are issued to applicants that are in compliance with City department regulations, which vary by the type of business being conducted. There is also an expedited process for home-based business, which can usually be completed within a day.

Apply for a Business Licence

Business licences are issued annually and must be renewed. Renewal payments are due by January 1st each year.

Application Form


External Resources

The OneStop Business Registry makes it easier and faster for entrepreneurs to register a sole proprietorship or general partnership, apply for a municipal business licence (resident and non-resident), set up a provincial sales tax, hotel room tax accounts, and more.

Complete up to 11 government forms with one entry, including the City of Kamloops business licence application. OneStop can be accessed 24-7 on the Internet or through a public access terminal in a OneStop location:

250 - 455 Columbia Street
Phone: 250-828-4540