Active Transportation

Everyone of us uses some form of transportation almost every day for commuting and recreation - whether driving a car, taking the bus, carpooling, cycling or walking. In Canada, each of us makes an average of 2,000 car trips of 3 km or less each year - trips that could be replaced with an active choice of transportation for all or part of the trip. By making the switch from driving alone to another mode of transportation at least part of the time, you can help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and save money.

Take Transit

Economical, convenient, green!

For route schedules, fare information, transit service options and more, visit

Ride a Bike

Tremendous health and fitness benefits, plus lower transportation costs!

Cycling is an important transportation option for Kamloops, and any city, given its benefits of being an economical, healthy, and environmentally friendly way to travel short to medium distances.

In Kamloops, recreational cycling has long been a deeply ingrained part of the community’s culture. Cycling is  becoming a more common form of transportation for daily and weekly travel trips within the city. The Transportation Master Plan identifies future multi-use pathways, on-street bicycle lanes, and shared bicycle routes to support cycling as a viable transportation mode. 

As we move forward together creating a happy and healthy community, we encourage cyclists and motorists to commute safely together.

Kamloops Bike Map

We know that cycling is important to many residents in the Community. The City of Kamloops bike map is updated annually to provide current on-street bike routes, bike repair stations, and bike lockers throughout the City.

Kamloops Bike Map

Bike Lockers

We advise all cyclists to lock up their bikes properly. Did you know that the City offers bike lockers at the North Shore and Lansdowne transit exchanges, and the Tournament Capital Centre (TCC)? 

How to Rent

Securely store your bike and related gear for only $10 per month at one of the two available transit locations. A refundable $50 deposit is required at the time of application. TCC bike lockers are available for complimentary day use, one a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information and to check locker availablility, call 250-828-3409.

Bike Repair Stations

Throughout the City are a number of bike repair stations that are equipped with a variety of tools including a bike pump, tire levers, hex keys and wrenches. 

Locations of Bike Repair Stations:

  • McArthur Island Sports Centre
  • Riverside Park behind Sandman Centre
  • Corner of 3rd Avenue and St. Paul Street
  • Kenna Cartwright Nature Park
BC Transit Bike Rack

We know we live in a topographically challenging City, but that shouldn't stop you from cycling!  BC Transit buses are equipped with bike racks to help with your commute. If you’re considering travelling by bike and transit, please ensure you are familiar with how to use the bike racks found in front of all BC Transit buses. Watching this video ahead of time, will also help ease the nervousness of first time cycle-transit riders!

For more information on BC Transit bike racks, visit the BC Transit website. 

529 Garage

529 Garage is a free online mobile application registration system which has created a partnership between the Kamloops RCMP and bicycle enthusiasts through improved education, prevention, and communication to combat bicycle theft in our community. Results have shown that the 529 Garage app has the potential to effectively reduce the number of bike thefts and increase the number of recovered bikes that police can then return to their rightful owners.

Visit for more information and to register your bike.

Bicycle Master Plan

In 2018, the Transporation Master Plan (TMP) superceded the Bicycle Master Plan (2010) which guided the City in completing key components of the bicycle network that provide safe and convenient routes for existing and new cyclists to travel across the city for commuting and recreational trips. Cycling is an important transportation option for Kamloops and any city given its benefits of being an economical, healthy, and environmentally friendly way to travel short to medium distances.

View the Transportation Master Plan.

Multi-use Pathway Etiquette

It’s important to follow rules and use etiquette on our multi-user paths to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.   

Thoughts to keep in mind include: 

  • Wear a helmet when cycling
  • Wear reflective items when out at night
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Obey all traffic signs
  • Slow down when coming up behind people, ring your bell or announce yourself before passing
  • Keep in your lane (right side of the path) when oncoming traffic is approaching
  • Be aware of your surroundings, people and animals. 
  • Use garbage cans located along the trail
  • Be courteous and monitor your speed 
Walk or Hike

The ultimate zero emission choice! 

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can help prevent heart disease, assist in weight loss and improve your overall mental well-being. The City is currently updating the Pedestrian Master Plan and writing a Trails Master Plan to guide future pedestrian improvements.


Take a break from driving, enjoy the social benefits, plus save money! 
The average yearly cost to operate a car is almost $8,000 or nearly $22 per day! By participating in a ride sharing program, you can significantly reduce the amount you spend on gas and vehicle maintenance.

Ride the bus, walk, cycle, or carpool - the choice is yours!