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Kamloops transit is a leader in the BC Transit Municipal Systems Program and provides both regular transit and handyDART custom transit services.

Services are co-funded through the partnership between the City and BC Transit. Whether you are a regular rider or someone new to the service, you will find all the information you need to make transit your transportation choice at

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Fare Change - Updated September 1, 2019

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Introduction of the New DayPASS

Effective September 1, 2019, a new DayPASS will be available for purchase onboard only. The new DayPASS replaces paper transers and scratch-off DayPASSes.  This pass will grant unlimited travel all day within the Kamloops Transit System.

What happens if I use my Adult (pink) or Student/Senior (green) tickets after August 31, 2019?

You are encouraged to use all of your tickets by August 31, 2019.  If you have a few remaining tickets after August 31, the tickets will be accepted as if they were new transit tickets – one ticket for one ride or two tickets for a DayPASS.

If I have a scratch version of the DayPASS can I still use it after September 1, 2019?

Yes, a scratch DayPASS will be accepted onboard until October 31, 2019. A driver will inform you that your pass has expired and you will be advised to purchase a new DayPASS as soon as possible.

How is my new DayPass validated?

The DayPASS is visually validated. You will be required to present the DayPASS to the transit driver with the date clearly displayed when boarding the bus. 

Where can I purchase the new DayPASS?

As of September 1, 2019, the DayPASS is available for purchase onboard only with cash or transit tickets.

What are the options to purchase a DayPASS?

You can purchase a DayPASS in three ways:

  • $4 cash (exact change required)
  • Two transit tickets
  • One transit ticket and $2 cash (exact change required)
Can I pre-purchase a DayPASS?

Yes, you can pre-purchase a sheet of ten transit tickets to convert to a DayPASS (two transit tickets). To purchase a sheet of tickets, you must visit a vendor.  View current vendors and locations here.

Do I have to buy a DayPASS when boarding the bus?

You do not have to buy a DayPASS when you board the bus. However, it is the most cost effective way to travel if you are making more than a single trip on the same day. If you are only taking a single trip, a $2 cash fare or single transit ticket will work for you.

Is the new DayPASS transferable between individuals?

The DayPASS remains non-transferable between individuals.

When does the DayPASS expire?

At the end of the service day the pass was issued.

What if I forget to buy a DayPASS when I board the bus? Can I add another $2 or a ticket and receive a DayPASS?

A DayPASS cannot be added to an already purchased single ticket. You must decide whether you are purchasing a DayPASS or a single ticket at the time of boarding. The DayPASS must be paid for at the time of boarding, exact change is required.

Is the DayPASS valid with the Family Travel Program?

Yes, an adult customer, who has purchased their own fare, can bring up to four children (12 years and under) on board for free.

Can I use the DayPASS on handyDART?

No. Registered handyDART users will use the standard handyDART tickets.

Where can I go for more information?

All transit information for fares, schedules, routes and more can be found on


Launched within the Kamloops transit system in Fall 2018, NextRide is a BC Transit initiative to implement Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology on buses and real time arrival screens at the Lansdowne, North Shore and Thompson Rivers University transit exchanges. In addition, the new technology includes a web-based passenger application, which will enable commuters to use web browsers and smart mobile devices to see the location of their bus along its route and its predicted arrival time at an identified stop.  Want to know more?  Read the NextRide FAQ.

Launch NextRide