Residential Recycling

We are part of the Recycle BC Printed Paper and Packaging (PPP) recycling program. This program outlines what materials are accepted in the curbside recycling program. For details, download the Recycling Guide or download the Waste Wise Kamloops App.

Recycling Guide

New in 2018 is Recycle BC's Other Flexible Packaging Program. See a list of accepted items here
What's the difference between "Plastic Bags & Overwrap" and "Other Flexible Plastic Packaging"? Learn more about the differences here

Is this Plastic Recyclable?

Recycling Tips

You can help ensure that more materials are recycled by following these steps:

  • Keep your recycling loose! Place materials loose in cart or bin.
  • Flatten and cut boxes to fit inside cart or bin (staples and tape are accepted).
  • Place shredded paper in a securely-tied clear plastic bag.
  • Empty and rinse containers, and recycle all caps and lids.
  • Put metal lids inside cans and squeeze slightly.
  • Ensure the seal and coffee grounds are removed before recycling single-use coffee pods. Foil seals can be recycled. Plastic-lined-foil seals cannot be recycled.
  • Return deposit beverage containers for a refund.
  • Remove leftover food, plastic liners and wrap from flats.

Plastic Bag & Overwrap Recycling

Plastic bags and overwrap are not accepted in curbside recycling. Film plastics (shopping bags, bread bags and other plastic overwrap) mix with other recyclables during collection and are difficult to separate. Plastic bags collected with other materials also get caught up in processing equipment. Both of these issues lead to less film plastics and other materials being recycled. Plastic bags and overwrap should be returned to a designated depot, where staff can ensure material is empty, clean and dry and only the correct types of soft plastic are included.

Where can I take my plastic bags? 

  • General Grant's North Shore 
  • General Grant's Sahali 
  • London Drugs 
  • Lorne Street Bottle Depot 
  • Safeway - Columbia Street West 
  • Safeway - Fortune Drive 
  • Walmart - Kamloops

Free Landfill Items

Did you know that there are variety of items you can recycle for free any time at the Mission Flats Landfill? These include:

  • Household paint and aerosols**
  • Flammable liquids**
  • Domestic pesticides**
  • Gasoline**
  • Light bulbs and fixtures
  • Electronics
  • Small appliances
  • Batteries

** In original containers only

Other Accepted Items*

*at designated depots only

Glass, plastic bags and overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging can be taken to a designated depot location.

For other recycling options, use the Waste Wizard in our new Waste Wise Kamloops App

Waste Wise App