Christmas Tree Recycling

Recycled trees save landfill space and produce compost material for use in parks and gardens. Kamloops has recycled close to 150,000 trees to date!

Between December 27 - January 15, drop off your Christmas tree at one of these locations:

Albert McGowan Park2025 Summit Drive (before 9pm)
Barnhartvale Yard Waste DepotEnd of Eliza Road
Brocklehurst Park2470 Fleetwood Avenue
Cinnamon Ridge Compost Facility4.5 km past Airport on Tranquille Road
Dallas Fire Hall (#6)5300 Dallas Drive
Juniper ParkQu'Appelle Boulevard
Len Haughton ParkLister Road - Heffley Creek
McArthur Island1665 Island Parkway - East of Sports Centre
McGill Rd Yard Waste DepotBunker Road
Rae-Mor ParkArab Run Road - Rayleigh
Westsyde ParkFranklin Road
Yacht Club1140 River Street

Please ensure your tree is clean of any wires, tinsel, decorations, or plastic.

Composting at Home

About 30% of the garbage you are sending to the landfill is organic, compostable waste! Save landfill space and create nutrient-rich soil conditioner - it's a win-win situation.

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