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Recycling, Garbage & Organics

Residential Recycling

Learn what accepted materials can go in your recycling bin or cart and what goes to a designated recycling depot. You can also use the Waste Wise Wizard any time from your computer to find out how and where items can be recycled.

Residential Garbage

Find your collection schedule, learn what materials are accepted, and see container sizes and costs. 

Residential Organics

The City is currently rolling out a pilot project for curbside organics collection. 

Commercial and Multi-family Garbage & Recycling

Find rates and sizes commercial and multi-family collection, as well as specifications for bin enclosures.

Waste Wise Kamloops App

Not sure what goes where? Find out here! You can also sign up for collection day reminders. 

Compost & Yard Waste

Christmas trees are compostable. Learn more about composting in Kamloops. 

Landfills, Recycling, & Yard Waste Depots

A full comprehensive list of depots, their hours and accepted materials. 

Waste Reduction

Learn how to reduce your waste everyday. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about recycling or garbage pickup? Look no further.