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Commerical and Multi-family Garbage & Recycling

The City offers garbage and recycling collection for commercial and multi-family buildings. New buildings are required to enclose garbage and recycling bins in compounds, as specified in Zoning Bylaw No. 5-1 Section 5.12.1 (page 85) as detailed in the graphics below.
To register for commercial or multi-family collection, or to request changes to your current service, fill out the service request form below and a City representative will contact you soon.

Garbage and Recycling Bin Enclosures

The City's Zoning Bylaw No. 5.1 specifies that commercial garbage and recycling bins must be screened from the street, adjacent properties, and the general public in a single or combined enclosure.
Combined enclosure diagram
Above: Combined Garbage and Recycling Bin Enclosure
Single Enclosure Diagram
Above: Single Garbage or Recycling Bin Enclosure