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Transportation Master Plan

Category: Transportation Plans
Topic: Full Plan

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) provides a guide for the planning, design, development, and long-term maintenance of transportation facilities and infrastructure. The TMP was prepared in alignment with “KAMPLAN: City of Kamloops Official Community Plan (OCP).” and in consideration of other plans, including the Transit Future Plan. This plan replaces earlier plans including the Bicycle Master Plan and the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Publication Date: July 2018.

Document Updates

  • Jan 2021 Amendment - Map illustrating 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue Bike Lane Amendment
  • May 2021 Amendment - Maps illustrating the Coldwater Drive to High Canada Place road link ammendment

Document Sections

  • Introduction
  • Developing the TMP - Section two of the Transportation Master Plan. Based on the input of stakeholders, City staff, and City Council, a vision of transportation in Kamloops was created with goals related to sustainable transportation, walking, cycling, transit, movement of goods and emergency services, and an integrated transportation system. Drawing from the technical analysis of future growth and projected transportation conditions as the city grows to 120,000 residents, the project team developed objectives, strategic directions, and actions to implement the TMP’s vision and goals.
  • Goals, Plans and Strategic Direction - Section three of the Transportation Master Plan. For each goal of the TMP, key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets have been identified for the City to monitor and measure progress towards achieving each goal as the strategic directions and actions are implemented. The full list of KPIs is provided in Section 4.3 of this report. The transportation network maps and projects for Walking, Cycling, Transit, Roads, and Truck Routes are summarized within each respective section of this plan.
  • Implementation - Section four of the Transportation Master Plan. Implementation of the TMP will be carried out through several measures and actions that help achieve the Plan’s vision and goals.
  • Appendices - The appendicies include:
    • Public Engagement Phase II Summary Report
    • Public Engagement Phase IV Summary Report
    • Summary of Stakeholder Advisory Group Feedback
    • Existing Transportation Conditions
    • Future Transportation Conditions
    • Transportation Master Plan Maps
    • Project Preliminary Cost Estimates
    • Complete List of TMP Projects
    • Key Performance Indicator Calculation Methodology