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COVID-19 Vaccination Supplier Declaration

Beginning April 9, 2022, this policy will be suspended and vaccination declarations from vendors will no longer be required. The City will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our operations and re-evaluate the policy in the future.

Effective December 15, 2021, all suppliers who will access City workplaces must be fully vaccinated* and declare their vaccination status.

*Fully vaccinated means the full dose of a Health-Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccination requirement does not apply in situations where:

  • the supplier is only providing goods and their personnel will not visit City workplaces
  • services are solely performed in non-City workplaces

**If a supplier has personnel who are unable to be vaccinated due to a certified medical contraindication, religion, or other prohibited grounds of discrimination under the BC Human Rights Code, we expect that suppliers manage these individuals on a case-by-case basis. If the supplier has proof of an approved accommodation the supplier is required to notify the City’s Procurement and Inventory Control Manager at and include the following:

  • the number of such personnel
  • the impacted work locations
  • the steps the contractor proposes to undertake to mitigate any associated risks (such as rapid testing provided by the supplier)

The City will not make arrangements directly with the supplier's staff. Mitigation measures are subject to approval by the City’s Human Resources and Safety Department and must be adequate to ensure the City staff's health and safety.

How to submit your vaccination attestation

  1. Download and complete the declaration form. Completed forms must be signed by the supplier’s authorized representative.
  2. Submit the completed and signed declaration form to the supplier’s City’s Bonfire account.

Suppliers who fail to submit their declaration forms may be subject to further measures up to and including termination of contracts, purchase orders etc.

Declaration Form