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City Council

Bold Leadership for a Strong, Inclusive, and Healthy Community

The City of Kamloops is governed by an elected Mayor and eight Councillors for a four-year term on City Council (2019-2022), which represents the City at large and our residents. Our Mayor and Council set priorities, establish policies, and make decisions for the community as a whole.  Mayor and Council are responsible for setting the tax rate, approving the City’s budget and determining overarching service levels.

Council Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The Council Strategic Plan 2019-2022 identifies the strategic priorities that are important to Council: Governance and Accountability, Livability, Vibrant Economy, and Environmental Leadership. The Progress Report identifies the strategic and operational work completed in the first half of Council’s term to deliver results on these priorities.

We work together and lead by example by taking on important community issues and instilling confidence in our governance. Our values are Respect, Collaboration, Teamwork, Optimism, Trust, Accountability, and Innovation.

Our Strategic Priorities

Governance and Accountability

Governance & Accountability

The City of Kamloops has strong, accountable governance and makes informed decisions. Residents are engaged in Council’s strategic priorities.


The City of Kamloops maintains a vibrant, high quality of life for an inclusive, healthy, and diverse community.
Vibrant Economy

Vibrant Economy

The City of Kamloops supports a diverse, vibrant, and resilient economy.
Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership

The City of Kamloops leads by example by making sustainable choices to minimize our environmental footprint.