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Council Committees

The Council Committee structure was updated in 2019 to create efficiencies and better serve the citizens of the City of Kamloops. The current structure consists of five standing committees:

  • Community Relations and Administration Committee
  • Civic Operations Committee
  • Community Services Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Development and Sustainability Committee

Each committee includes three Council members, one of which is Chair. The committees are supported by internal working groups and external engagement groups to assist and report to the committees. 

2020-2022 Council Committee Appointments listed by Committee, Society, or External Agency
2020-2022 Council Committee Appointments listed by Councillor name

Zoom links will only work at the meeting time, not before.

Please note: agendas and minutes for meetings that occured earlier than November 1, 2017, are found in our online document system.

Currently no meetings have been posted. Please check back again