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Renovate Smart Kamloops

Are you planning a home renovation? Renovate Smart Kamloops is a program designed to help home owners get the most out of their home renovations. Learn how to increase your home’s energy performance and about the incentives that may be available to you. Our team will help you find cost effective opportunities to include energy efficiency improvements into your short-term or long-term home renovation plans. 

Home Energy Consultation

Kamloops homeowners planning to renovate their home are eligible for a free, one-on-one consultation with the City’s Community Energy Specialist. By phone or Zoom, you will discuss your renovation plans and explore opportunities to improve your home’s energy performance and take advantage of available incentives. Click below to find out more and to register.


See available incentives and eligibility requirements for heating and cooling systems, renewable energy (e.g. solar panels), upgrading windows and doors, draftproofing, insulation and more! Click the link below. 

Kamloops Specific Incentive Information