Renovate Smart Kamloops

Are you planning a home renovation? Renovate Smart Kamloops is a program designed to help home owners get the most out of their home renovations. Learn how to increase your home’s energy performance and about the incentives that may be available to you.

Our team will help you find cost effective opportunities to include energy efficiency improvements into your short-term or long-term home renovation plans. Receive tailored suggestions through a consultation with an Energy Specialist, or sign up for a home energy or carbon accounting workshop. 

Home Energy Consultation

Kamloops homeowners planning to renovate their home are eligible for a free, one-on-one consultation with the City’s Community Energy Specialist. By phone or Zoom, you will discuss your renovation plans and explore opportunities to improve your home’s energy performance and take advantage of available incentives. Click below to find out more and to register.

Home Energy Consultation Registration

Home Energy Consultations provide:
•    An opportunity to discuss your renovation plans one-on-one with a Community Energy Specialist and explore ways to integrate efficiency improvements into your project
•    Insights into accessing incentives and cash rebates that may be relevant to your project

Home Energy Consultations do not provide:
•    Cost estimates
•    Bill savings estimates
•    Décor advice
•    Building permit or Building Code advice (refer to BCBC online as a free resource) 
•    Specific design or equipment selection advice
•    DIY project advice

To sign up for a consultation you must first complete a quick survey to help us prepare for our discussion.

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Home Energy Performance and Carbon Accounting Workshops

These free, virtual group workshops will outline how you can improve the energy performance of your home, reduce household energy costs, increase comfort, and reduce carbon emissions. The Home Energy Performance Workshop is intended for homeowners who want to learn more about improving their home’s energy performance but are not at the detailed planning stage of a home renovation.

Workshop Information and Registration

Home Energy Performance Workshop
The Home Energy Performance Workshop explores the small, medium and big things you can do to increase your home’s energy performance. Improving your home’s energy efficiency has many benefits: it’s quieter, less prone to temperature swings, fewer hot and cold spots, lower energy bills, and less carbon emissions. We will cover current incentives, tips and tricks you can do today, ideas to work into your regular home maintenance and some thoughts to consider for your future home renovation. 

December 8, 12:00 pmREGISTER

Can't attend a virtual workshop? Watch a recording of it here.

Carbon Accounting Workshop
This workshop will guide participants on calculating their household’s carbon footprint. With a clearer understanding of their household emission sources, participants will be introduced to reduction opportunities such as home energy retrofits and low-carbon transportation options. Carbon Accounting Workshops will be held quarterly. 


Please note that both of these workshops are available for groups upon request, at the contact below. 
Sustainability Services


See available incentives and eligibility requirements for heating and cooling systems, renewable energy (e.g. solar panels), upgrading windows and doors, draftproofing, insulation and more! Click the link below. 

Kamloops Specific Incentive Information

Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate

The Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate (GPR) is an incentive offered through CleanBC that rewards groups of homeowners working together to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions by switching from an oil or natural gas heating system to an air source heat pump.

Participants are encouraged to spread the word about their heat pump purchase group, and the larger each group becomes, the larger the rebate. The group rebate ranges from $200 per home, for a group of 2 homes, and up to a maximum of $500 for a group of 20 to 30 homes.

The group rebate is in addition to the up to $3,000 available from CleanBC. To learn more about the Group Purchase Rebate Program, visit

To participate you must complete both of the following steps: 
1.    Join the group here; select "I am joining an existing Group Purchase Rebate group".
2.    Apply for rebates using the GPR Code in the online application form here.
Use code: GPR0064-EXP14/12/2021.

The current GPR expires December 12, 2021. After that, a new GPR will be set up. 

For questions regarding the Heat Pump Group Purchase Rebate, contact Sustainability Services at