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We will launching a searchable database for all building and development permits, applications, forms, and guides in the fall of 2021.

Forms and guides to assist in your development application process. 

Planning & Development





Building Permits  Zoning Information 

Average Processing Times
Rezoning10-12 weeks
Official Community Plan Amendment10-12 weeks
Development Permit4-6 weeks
Development Variance Permit8-10 weeks
Perliminary Development Proposal Review~4 weeks
Sign Permit1 week
Liquor Licence ApplicationPlease inquire
Change to an existing Liquore LicencePlease inquire
Temporary Commercial or Industrial Use Permit10-12 weeks
Business Licence: Home-Based Business1 day
Business Licence: Commercial15-18 days
ALR ApplicationsPlease inquire
SubdivisionsPlease inquire

Note: These time frames only represent an average processing time. Depending upon the complexity of an application, volume of applications in receipt, and staffing levels, these time frames may be extended.