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Web Cams

Traffic Cams

» Overlanders Bridge Cam
Cam rotates approximately every 30 seconds.

» Columbia & 3rd Street
Cam rotates approximately every 30 seconds.

Pacific Way Web Cams
» East
» North West
» Howe Rd South West

Notre Dame Drive Web Cams
» West
» East
» Dalhousie South

Drive BC Web Cams - Southern Interior
» Dufferin East
» Dufferin West
» Peterson Creek

Hwy 5 at Halston
» South
» West
» North
» East

Tournament Capital Centre

» Hillside Stadium
» Tournament Capital Centre
» Canada Games Pool
» McArthur Island - NHL Rink
» McArthur Island - Olympic Rink
Note: Webcams may be off-line during some competitions or training.

Tourism Kamloops

» Go to website

Council Meetings

» Live Broadcast (most Tuesdays @ 1:30 pm)