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Tree Planting Programs

We want to achieve the many quality-of-life benefits that come with planting trees. No matter how you participate, you will be planting a legacy when you plant a tree - an extraordinary gift to Kamloops for generations to come.

The City of Kamloops has several programs to assist homeowners with planting a tree:

Tree Coupons

The Tree Coupon Program is now finished for the spring 2017 season. There may be additional coupons offered in September depending on the redemption rate of the spring program. Watch for updates later this summer.

The City of Kamloops has revitalized the Tree Coupon Program in 2017 as part of its Urban Forestry Management Strategy and goal of supporting tree planting in our community.

Boulevard Tree Planting Program

This program allows neighbourhoods to apply for trees to be planted on their street if homeowners agree to be responsible for irrigating them. For more information, download the » Boulevard Tree Program Policy.

Kamloops Community Forest

This is a Communities in Bloom Legacy Project where people can plant a tree in the Kamloops Community Forest in memoriam for a person or cherished event.

Aspen Tree Replanting Program

The City will provide aspen trees to qualified homeowners if they agree to irrigate and care for trees to restore visual screening where trees were lost to pine beetle infestation.
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