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Pine Beetle Management

What our City is Doing

Since 2002 the City of Kamloops, with help from industry experts, has been applying strategic measures to manage the pine beetle risk . Until recently, our strategy involved annual monitoring using aerial and ground surveys to determine population levels and locations.

Ground surveys indicate an infestation of 70-95% of the City's natural pine stands and private lands within the City limits. Recent management efforts are integrated with the Community Wildfire Protection Plan and are focused on treatments that will reduce wildfire and public safety risk.

Important Update - March, 2008
The curbside pick-up program is finished. Homeowners removing trees from their property should use the pine beetle disposal sites.

What Private Landowners Can Do

Private property owners who have mature pine on their property are encouraged to learn about basic pine beetle identification and best management practices - and this is relatively simple to do. In neighbourhoods where mature pine occurs we encourage neighbours to communicate with one another as pine beetle management requires landscape efforts across individual lots to increase effectiveness.

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