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Your Permanent Ticket to Ride
The City of Kamloops and BC Transit have introduced a new, hassle free way to take the bus. The ProPASS is a permanent photo ID bus pass purchased at work through your employer for a minimum of one year.

For only $528 annually ($44/month), the ProPASS offers unlimited travel on transit service in Kamloops.

"Go green and save green!", says Colleen Lepik, City of Kamloops Transportation Coordinator. "By taking transit, ProPASS users help reduce rush hour congestion and their carbon footprint, money! Compared to monthly bus pass holders, ProPASS users save over $100 each year, and like monthly bus passes, ProPASS is a tax deduction for personal income tax."

The ProPASS program is easy for employers to administer and easy for employees to sign up. Companies can request a service agreement and ProPASS information package by contacting Colleen Lepik.

Visit Kamloops Propass website:

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