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Class Rides Free Program

Free Transportation Available for Field Trips
The City is pleased to offer the Class Rides Free Program, a program that allows students to experience the Kamloops Transit System free of charge for the purpose of traveling to and from field trips.

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Class Rides Free Application Form

Public transit plays an essential role in ensuring a strong community by creating jobs, protecting the environment, enhancing our quality of life and providing mobility and freedom of choice. We believe it is important for students to experience the transit system, understand how it works, and appreciate its many benefits.

The Class Rides Free Program is available to any class in School District No. 73, as well as the private schools within the City of Kamloops.

Teachers can use the program to get their class to a field trip or as an opportunity to teach their students about alternative forms of transportation. Upon completion of the application form, a letter will be provided that will give permission for the entire class, teacher and any classroom assistants to ride the transit system free of charge.

The entire class must travel together and each class can apply to the program twice per school year. The class must travel on a regularly scheduled Kamloops Transit route (special transit service is not provided) during the off peak hours of 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Please limit the maximum number of perople traveling by transit to 35.

If you have any additional questions about this program, or would like help organizing the transportation to a class field trip using public transit system, please contact us.

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