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Pedestrian Master Plan

Walking has always been the most fundamental of all transportation modes. While it may not be the primary mode for all trips, walking is usually a part of every trip whether it be at the beginning, the end, or as a connection between other modes.

PDFPedestrian Master Plan 9.2 mb

The trend towards walking as a viable mode of transportation - for the entire trip - is changing however. People's attitudes are beginning to change and walking is being viewed as more than recreational - it is growing to be viewed as a healthy, cost-effective and enjoyable way of moving about the city.

In recognition of the growing importance of walking in developing a more balanced, multimodal transportation system, the City of Kamloops has developed a Pedestrian Master Plan. The Pedestrian Master Plan provides a comprehensive approach toward identifying pedestrian needs and deficiencies, examining optional improvements and prioritizing implementation strategies to develop safe and efficient pedestrian network.

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