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Bicycle Master Plan

In 2008, the City identified the need to update and refine the Bicycle Master Plan in order to respond to changing demands and to put increasing emphasis on cycling as a component of active transportation.

The two overarching goals of the Bicycle Master Plan are to increase bicycle trips of all types and improve safety for cyclists. Further goals of the Bicycle Master Plan are to:

  • Develop implementation plans for the cycling network;
  • Generate excitement for cycling;
  • Provide cycling education to the public;
  • Integrate with other relevant plans;
  • Support Transportation Demand Management planning;
  • Facilitate inter-modal transportation;
  • Direct capital planning and construction; and
  • Promote cycling in Kamloops.

The plan was created with three distinct parts:

  1. The development of vision and guiding principles;
  2. The creation of a toolkit which will make cycling more attractive in Kamloops; and
  3. Development of a network and implementation strategy.

The plan was developed in conjunction with City Staff and the newly reformed Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC). The BAC consists of 12 people representing the public, City staff, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the RCMP.

The Bicycle Master Plan provides a launch for the City to focus future investments into key areas of cycling infrastructure. To guide capital investment, network components can be broken down into three general categories:

  • Major Capital Projects - projects that have a projected cost greater than $500,000. The three highest priority capital investments are the Peterson Creek Trail, Summit Overpass, and the Crossing of the Trans Canada Highway in Aberdeen. For the Peterson Creek Trail and the Summit Overpass, the City will undertake pre-design on these two projects in order to develop better cost estimates and should look at identifying at least one of these projects as a line item in the Five Year Capital Plan. Furthermore, these two projects should be funded separately from the rest of the bicycle network capital funding.
  • Minor Capital Projects - projects that have a projected cost less than $500,000. These projects usually involve minor alterations to street layout and consist mainly of marked-wide curb lanes and bicycle lanes. The City will examine how these projects can be integrated with other road and underground utilities upgrades.
  • "Lines and Signs" Projects - projects that involve installation of signs and line and stencil painting. Generally, these projects are anticipated to be less than $50,000 and can be implemented with little disruption.

In addition to the above noted cycling facilities, funding support facilities and education and marketing programs will be funded through the Bicycle Master Plan capital budget.

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Bicycle Master Plan

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