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Traffic Engineering


The City's roundabouts are located at:
  - Lorne Street at 3rd Ave (Downtown)
  - Dallas Drive at Todd Road (Dallas)
  - Highland Road at Qu'Appelle Boulevard (Juniper Ridge)
  - Nicola Street at 12th Avenue (Downtown)
  - Pacific Way at Aberdeen Drive (Aberdeen)

Pacific Way/Aberdeen Drive Roundabout

What is a roundabout?
A roundabout is a type of one way, circular intersection that directs motorists to travel counter clockwise around a central island.

Benefits of a roundabout

  • slows traffic
  • provides for continuous movement of traffic
  • decreases traffic delays and congestion
  • provides a safer intersection as the design allows no opportunity for right-angle or head-on collisions
  • reduces braking, idling, engine noise, air pollution, and fuel consumption
  • lower operation and maintenance costs compared to fully signalized intersection

Tips For Motorists

On the approach to the roundabout

  • Reduce your speed.
  • Yield to all pedestrians using the marked crosswalks located at each approach to the roundabout.

Entering the roundabout

  • Wait for a safe and sufficient gap in the circulating traffic before entering the roundabout and proceed to your right.
  • Traffic already inside the roundabout has the right of way.

Circulating in the roundabout

  • Circulate until you reach your desired exit.
  • Never stop in the roundabout unless traffic conditions require it or there is an emergency.
  • If you are in the roundabout when an emergency vehicle approaches, DO NOT STOP IN THE ROUNDABOUT.
  • Stop and allow the emergency vehicle to pass you only once you have exited the roundabout.

Exiting the roundabout

  • Signal a right turn in advance of your exit.
  • As you exit, yield to pedestrians who may be using the crosswalk.

Tips For Pedestrians

  • Cross only at the marked crosswalks located at each approach to the roundabout.
  • Look and listen for approaching traffic.
  • Although you have the right-of-way, only cross when there is a safe and sufficient gap in traffic, or when all approaching vehicles have stopped.

Tips For Cyclists

  • Negotiate a roundabout in the same manner as a motor vehicle, yielding to traffic that is already circulating, and using proper signalling techniques to exit.
  • Ride close to the centre of the lane.
  • If you must cross the roadway, dismount and cross as a pedestrian would using the designated crosswalks.

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