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The Process

Community involvement is important to every phase of the planning process. Community consultation will be open, thorough, inclusive and timely. Feedback from the community will inform the decision-making process entrusted to the Planís committees and, ultimately, City Council.

A process is divided into four distinct phases.

Phase 1 - Establishing the Foundation for Sustainability

In the first phase of the Sustainability Plan we will draw on the community to help articulate a vision for environmental sustainability in Kamloops. We'll mesh that vision with those previously developed as part of social and economic plans to create an overall vision for community sustainability.

Phase 2 - Sustainability Issues Scoping

There will undoubtedly be a number of issues and challenges we'll have to address in order to realize our vision of sustainability. Phase 2 of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan process will focus on identifying and understanding these issues and challenges. They will be grouped under a number of key environmental topics, and brought together with prior work on the social and economic dimensions of sustainability.

Phase 3 - Future Plans and Strategies

During Phase 3, we'll develop plans and strategies to overcome the issues and challenges identified in Phase 2. These will be founded on a solid understanding of current baseline conditions, and goals/targets which direct future activities. Topic areas for future strategies may include air shed, transportation, buildings and so forth. Priorities will evolve as the plan moves forward. We will consider social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability in the process of developing these plans and strategies.

Phase 4 - Potential Management Tools

The plans and strategies developed under Phase 3 will point to a variety of management tools that can be used to encourage community sustainability. These tools could range from regulations to incentives to educational programs. They will be developed and implemented under Phase 4. Each tool will be tested from the perspectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Sustainability Services
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