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The Plan

The Sustainable Kamloops Plan is a testimony to our community's commitment to a more sustainable future. Sustainability is all about balance. Balance between social responsibility, economic vitality and environmental integrity. The City currently has a Social Plan and an Economic Development Strategy. With your help, we will create a comprehensive Environmental Plan. When complete, the Sustainable Kamloops Plan will include this Environmental Plan. Together, these documents from the basis for our official Community Plan.

Sustainability is important to the residents of this great community. We want to drink clean water, breathe clean air and enjoy our diverse landscape. It's important to us that our forest, agriculture, mineral and other resources are managed wisely. Management of growth through arranging land uses at the city-wide neighbourhood scales is vital. We desire high quality education, health care, social services as well as cultural and recreational opportunities. We understand the need to foster a strong economy that supports well-paying jobs. We look forward to a sustainable community that not only meets the needs of this generation but the needs of many generations who will follow.

In Kamloops and around the world, people recognize we cannot use all of the earthís land, water and atmospheric resources for short-term economic gain and call it sustainability. Nor can we prohibit access to these resources as a way to protect them and in the process hinder our ability to meet our needs.

It's all about balance.

There is strong and growing recognition in Kamloops that our actions have impacts well beyond our boundaries. The way in which we manage our water resources, for example, has an effect on the Thompson River system, including the aquatic environment and downstream users. Our work with local resource industries influences the broader region that is dependant to varying degrees on the jobs they provide.

At a broader scale, our use of energy resources and generation of greenhouse gas emissions contributes to growing global concern.

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