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Leading the Process

The City recognizes the need for leadership and guidance in developing the Sustainable Kamloops Plan. For that reason, it formed the three committees described below. Each group brings a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, good leadership skills and strong commitment to the plan development.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is made up of the Mayor and the City's senior management team who will guide the overall process.

Sustainable Kamloops Committee
The Sustainable Kamloops Committee (SKC) consists of representatives from the public, City Council and staff, Kamloops Indian Band, Ministry of Environment, Interior Health Authority and School District #73. The SKC's role is to represent the community and to provide recommendations to the Steering Committee on the Sustainable Kamloops Plan development.

Technical Advisory Committees
Technical Advisory Committees include representatives from relevant local, provincial and federal agencies that will be called together on an as-required basis to provide technical expertise in addressing sustainability issues.

Sustainability Services
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