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HomeFree Council and Committee Information

Lived Experience Committee:

  • The core of the HomeFree Collective, a group of people who have experienced homelessness and are now housed
  • Talks about key issues and challenges facing individuals who are homeless, and to undergo training and professional development workshops to be able to carry their voice to other community tables
  • Representation on the HomeFree Council and each committee table

HomeFree Council:

  • Receives information and updates from the committees within the Collective
  • Provides feedback and guidance on the work happening at the committee level and in community
  • Allows for open and transparent discussion amongst a wide range of community groups
  • Served by both an Aboriginal co-chair and a co-chair who provide oversight to the broader Collective

Aboriginal Committee:

  • A group of urban Aboriginal agencies that came together in 2015 and recently chose to integrate within the HomeFree structure
  • Discusses key issues affecting the urban Aboriginal community
  • Offers workshops and training on cultural protocols to the broader community
  • Ensures urban Aboriginal partnership occurs in all current and new community initiatives with both non-Aboriginal and urban Aboriginal agencies

Policy and Governance Committee:

  • Receives input from the HomeFree Council and the other committees on systemic issues and policies acting as barriers to ending homelessness in our community
  • Provides policy recommendations to the Chairs Committee for address at the Community to Government Advisory Group, where our political representatives meet
  • Develops, educates and oversees the governance processes, protocols, and operating policies of the broader HomeFree Collective structure

Housing and Supports Committee:

  • Conducts research into housing need at the local level
  • Develops tools and resources for developers and landlords interested in developing or providing affordable housing
  • Organizes forums and training opportunities to build housing capacity in community
  • Discusses current and new affordable housing opportunities
  • Bridges relationships between non-profit housing providers and local landlords
  • Creates a vehicle to support social services in the community to coordinate and work together

Funding Task Force:

  • Community-based review panel ensures transparency and community involvement in the administration of funds in the homelessness sector
  • Rotating membership assembled through a call to members when federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) or other funds are available to community
  • Reviews and approves both calls for proposals for funding before they are administered, and applications for funding when received

Chairs Committee:

  • Includes Chairs of the Policy and Governance, Housing and Supports, Aboriginal and Lived Experience Committees, the two co-chairs of the HomeFree Council, and various foundations and community leaders invested in local efforts to end homelessness
  • Discusses key issues, challenges and opportunities raised at the respective committees and in community
  • Refines the above into key messages and policy recommendations for the Community to Government Advisory Group

Community to Government Advisory Group:

  • Consists of our political representatives at all four orders of government – municipal, provincial, federal and Aboriginal – as well as members of the Chairs Committee, as required
  • Table to discuss key issues and policy recommendations brought forward from the entire homelessness sector through the HomeFree Collective’s consultation process

Natalie Serl
Project Manager - Housing and Homelessness
910 McGill Road - Tournament Capital Centre
Kamloops BC V2C 6N6
ph (250) 828-3758

Note: All correspondence is entered into our system and will be directed accordingly. The City of Kamloops will endeavor to contact you within two business days. Thank you.