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Accessible Recreation

Accessible Recreation - Recreation for Everyone

Program Support for People with Disabilities

The City of Kamloops supports all residents by providing the opportunity for everyone to participate in our programs.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services staff will work with you to find the right program with adaptations that address a full range of special needs. We cannot provide personal care, administer medication or give one-to-one assistance. If you require more personalized support you will need to provide your own assistant. Assistants participate for free.

How to Register

Complete a Request for Adaptive Program Support (RAPS) Form. RAPS forms can be picked up at City facilities or below in the Downloads section. Sign-up well in advance of the program's start dates.

Our program coordinators are excited to help you get active and we encourage you to take part in our many available programs. Please contact us at 250-828-3582 to discuss your options.


» Request for Adaptive Program Support Form (RAPS)
» Participant How-to Guide

Ben Chobater
Community Development Coordinator
910 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC V2C 1H5
Ph 250-828-3582