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Making Kamloops Shine

Making Kamloops Safer for People... and Dogs

March, 2013

On Wednesday March 27, 2013 a dog entered a storm sewer while out for a walk with its owner. The dog became 'stuck' in the pipe and Kamloops Fire Rescue crews responded using their confined space rescue training. The outcome was successful and the dog was reunited with its owner after finding its own way out of the pipe.

Normally the storm sewer has aluminum bars to prohibit entry, but these had been removed, possibly for their scrap value. After the incident, Sheldon Guertin of KFR used the myKamloops™ application on his smart phone to record details about the missing grate along with a photograph and map location.

Two days later, the missing grate was repaired, Guertin explains "myKamloops™ made it easy to request a call for service from the field. Anyone with a smart phone can become the eyes and ears for the City to report problems." IT staff that introduced the myKamloops™ service can be proud that they are Making Kamloops Shine.