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Making Kamloops Shine

Snow Angels Program

Program to Help Seniors with Snow Removal

In the spirit of the holidays and giving back to your community the Seniors Outreach Society, Volunteer Kamloops, TRU and the City of Kamloops are joining together to launch the Snow Angels Program.

Snow Angels We had over 30 City staff volunteer for the Snow Angel Program!

Snow Angels is a program where neighborhood-based volunteers are paired with seniors or residents with limited mobility in need of snow removal services for their pathways, stairs, sidewalks and driveways so they are clear and safe for use. Snow and ice are a potential safety hazard for those with limited mobility and therefore the Snow Angels program is an opportunity for neighbours to engage with one another and help those in need.

To Volunteer
If you or your organization re interested in this citywide volunteer effort, please call (250) 828-0600, email

Seniors Registration for Snow Clearing
If you are a senior or individual with limited mobility please contact Seniors Outreach Centre to register at (250) 828-0600 or for more information view the website at