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City Hall » Making Kamloops Shine

Making Kamloops Shine

Firefighters Spread a Little Warmth

January, 2012

Kamloops experienced its first taste of winter in January with temperatures reaching in the minus 30's and while most of us were dealing with the cold by layering our clothing, staying indoors and drinking a warm beverage, members of Kamloops Fire Rescue (KFR) and their children were coping with the cold in a different way.

Firefighter David Sakaki arranged to have KFR members hand out blankets and sleeping bags to the homeless, downtown on 4th and St. Paul Street. The first night they gave out over 60 blankets and sleeping bags and over 40 more were handed out the following night.

"Some amazing things happened on those 2 nights" recalls Fire Chief Neill Moroz.

"Don, Scott, Colin, and Chris brought their children with them. Not only was I proud of our firefighters but to see their children also braving the cold and the way they treated our homeless with respect and compassion... that was really special. There is hope for the next generation!"

The other incident was this fellow who came to the van for a bowl of soup and hot coffee. He was somewhat dressed for the freezing cold except for his footwear, he was wearing sandals. When Firefighters Chris Murray and Don Clarke noticed this they took it upon themselves to go to Value Village and buy the man a pair of shoes.

Our Family Helping Your Family is KFR's mission which is truly lived and exemplified by the actions of these KFR members and their children. They not only live by this mission at work but in their personal lives as well. We thank you for all you do and the values that you are passing on to the next generation!