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Purchasing Division


In any given year upwards of $30 million will be spent on a variety of capital acquisitions and projects and the repair and maintenance of our infrastructure. The Purchasing Division is responsible for acquiring goods and services and managing the disposal of surplus material in a responsible, professional and cost-effective manner.

Download Bid Opportunities at BC Bid
The City of Kamloops advertises bidding opportunities on the Provincial Government BC Bid website. Visit the BC Bid website to view our bid opportunities and unverified bid results.

Central Stores
The Purchasing Division operates a Central Stores which contains most of the commonly used items used by City departments. In any given year the purchases of inventory products will reach $1.5 million.

Ray Sison
Purchasing and Inventory Control Manager

Purchasing Division
955 Concordia Way
Kamloops BC V2C 6V3

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