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Themed Plans & Strategies

Affordable Housing Developers Package Affordable Housing Developers Package
This document is meant to provide useful information to anyone interested in becoming involved in the affordable housing sector in Kamloops.
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Community Wildfire Protection Plan Community Wildfire Protection Plan
This plan articulates a possible wildfire situation and conveys direction and explains the process used to identify wildfire risks and the appropriate mitigations.
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Cultural Strategic Plan Cultural Strategic Plan
A blueprint for cultural development and comprehensive strategy which is based on the recognition of the diversity of the cultural sector in Kamloops.
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Endangered Spaces Project Endangered Spaces Project with Maps
The purpose of this workshop was to bring together everyone involved in management, protection and use of special natural areas in the Kamloops map area.
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Environmentally Sensitive Areas Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Over the past 15 years, Kamloops has experienced rapid and extensive residential growth, particularly in areas such as Aberdeen, Juniper, and Batchelor Heights.
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Industrial Land Review Industrial Land Review
The City has recently completed a review of development trends and available industrial land in order to guide future industrial development.
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Integrated Stormwater Management Plan Integrated Stormwater Management Plan
Stormwater management is a way to avoid or mitigate the negative impacts of development on Kamloops’ surface and ground waters.
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Kamloops Land and Resource Management Plan Kamloops Land & Resource Management Plan
This is a sub-regional land use plan covering 2.2 million hectares of south central British Columbia.
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Kamloops River Plan Kamloops River Plan
A development opportunities assessment.
» Kamloops River Plan

Liquid Waste Management Plan Liquid Waste Management Plan
A review conducted in 2009 by Urban Systems, 5 years after our last approval by the Minister of the Environment in May 2004.
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Safer City Strategy Safer City Strategy
An overall strategy to manage key corridors to achieve the City's transportation, land use, social and environmental goals.
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Sustainable Schools Sustainable Schools
The Ministry of Education developed a guide with best practices to promote a culture of environmental sustainability.
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Parks Master Plan Parks Master Plan
The Parks Master Plan will provide a framework for decisions related to parkland, park development, outdoor recreation, and park management over the next 10 years.
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Social Plan Social Plan
The Kamloops Social Plan goal is to enhance the well-being of Kamloops residents. Priorities and actions have significant common themes under seven main categories.
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Sustainable Kamloops Plan Sustainable Kamloops Plan
The Sustainable Kamloops Plan is a fundamental step to build a feasible environmental, social and economical sustainable community.
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Transportation Plans Transportation Plans
Transportation Plans establish a direction for developing a multi-modal transportation system to provide a growth management strategy for the city's Official Community Plan.
» Transportation Plans

West Trans Canada Highway Corridor Plan West Trans Canada Hwy Corridor Plan

» West Trans Canada Hwy Corridor Plan

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