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Neighbourhood Plans

Aberdeen Area Plan Aberdeen Area Plan
This plan provides direction for lands identified in KAMPLAN as Special Development Areas or surrounding lands either in the Agricultural Land Reserve or vacant land.
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Batchelor Hills Land Use Area Plan Batchelor Hills Land Use Plan
The existing situation of this area partially developed and with increasing recent development interest has highlighted the need for an overall land use and servicing strategy.
» Batchelor Hills Land Use Plan

City Centre City Centre Plan
This 2005 plan's concepts, policy guidance sets direction to implement a range of initiatives to improve and enhance the City Centre.
» City Centre Plan

Juniper West Juniper West Plan
The Juniper West plan area represents a portion of one of the areas currently designated in the Official Community Plan as a Special Development Area.
» Juniper West Plan

Kamloops Airport Kamloops Airport Land Use Plan
The focus of this plan is to lay the groundwork to be used to promote the development of the Kamloops Airport Area from a land use planning perspective.
» Kamloops Airport Land Use Plan

McDonald Park Neighbourhood McDonald Park Neighbourhood Plan
This Plan is intended to guide the neighbourhood revitalisation strategy and determine what public improvements are made in the neighbourhood.
» McDonald Park Neighbourhood Plan

McGill Corridor Southgate Project McGill Corridor Southgate Project
Originally initiated as a design charrette for the McGill Road Corridor this project has evolved into a land use and design concept plan for McGill Road and Southgate Industrial Park.
» McGill Corridor Southgate Project

McGill Corridor Permit Guidelines McGill Corridor Development Guidelines
These guidelines establish design principles for a unified corridor that complements the interface between the University and the Southgate Industrial Park.
» McGill Corridor Development Guidelines

North Shore North Shore Neighbourhood Plan
A comprehensive land use planning exercise for the North Shore was conducted between 2005 and 2008, with final adoption of the Plan taking place on June 24, 2008.
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McKenzie Island Design Charrette McKenzie Island Design Charrette
An examination of the MacKenzie Avenue site focuses on attributes that could be enhanced by the design for a project on this site.
» McKenzie Island Design Charrette

Mt Dufferin Mt Dufferin Land Use Plan
The Mt Dufferin lands are recognized as a unique and valuable community resource and this plan is a commitment by the City and public to manage this resource wisely.
» Mt Dufferin Land Use Plan

Southeast Sector Southeast Sector Plan
The plan identifies a modest growth scenario which permits some subdivision in most areas yet limits the potential to create significant long-term problems.
» Southeast Sector Plan

Tranquille on the Lake Tranquille on the Lake Neighbourhood Plan
This Draft Plan takes into consideration City policy documents that have provided direction for a broad range of plan characteristics.
» Tranquille on the Lake Plan

Westsyde Westsyde Neighbourhood Plan
The plan consists of specific objectives, policies and map designations to guide future growth and development in Westsyde, and was adopted on March 22, 1994.
» Westsyde Neighbourhood Plan

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