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Development & Engineering Services » Planning & Development

Application Guides and Forms

Forms and guides to assist your application process.
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NoticeApplication Guides & Guidelines - PDFs
Development Permit Application Guide
Development Variance Application Guide
Garden and Carriage Suite Design Guidelines
Landscape Guidelines
Kamloops Affordable Housing Developers Package
Outdoor Patio Guidelines
Rezoning Application Guide
Rezoning Sign Requirements
Site Profile Application Guide
Small Lot Residential Development Permit Guidelines
Subdivision Application Guide

NoticeApplication Forms - PDFs
* denotes fillable forms
Agriculture Land Commission Application Forms
Board of Variance Permit*
Bore Hole Installation Permit*
Building Information Request*
Design Review Application*
Design Submission Checklist
Development Permit*
Development Variance Permit*
Landscape Security Deposit Letter of Understanding
Land Use Contract Amendment*
Liquor Licence Permit*
Change to an Existing Liquor Licence*
Official Community Plan Amendment*
Owner Authorization
Preliminary Development Review*
Registered Charge Modification or Release Application
Revitalization Tax Exemption*
Sign Permit*
Subdivision: Construction Completion Certificate*
Subdivision: Strata*
Temporary Commercial & Industrial Use Permit*
Zoning By-law Amendment*
Zoning Information Request*
  Site Profile (Schedule 1)* & Site Profile Schedule 2
  MOE Site Profile: Administrative Guidance on Contaminated Sites
Water Model Data Request and Sharing Agreement

Planning and Development
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