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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Creative landscaping

Kamloops is promoting Xeriscaping through the creation of a Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in McArthur Park using plants adapted to Kamloops and through holding several xeriscaping seminars.

The term 'xeriscape' means "water conservation through creative landscaping". Xeriscaping emphasizes the efficient use of the minimum amount of water required to sustain an attractive and functional landscape.

Kamloops receives approximately 250 mm of precipitation each year, therefore, some watering is necessary to keep yards growing. Much of this watering is not necessary due to inappropriate planting, and an overuse of high water demand lawns.

The most significant benefit of Xeriscaping is reduced water use. Water consumption to maintain Xeriscape can be 50% or less of the amount needed to maintain a traditional landscape on the same property. Xeriscaping usually requires less fertilizer, less pruning, and less mowing, leaving more time for you to enjoy the garden rather than work in it.

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