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Smoke Free Parks

The City of Kamloops is committed to healthy living and caring for our environment. Parks Regulation Bylaw No. 35-66 was amended to include smoke free parks and city facilities. The use of tobacco and marijuana and e-cigarettes is prohibited on trails, beaches, playgrounds, fields, stadiums, parking lots, courtyards, and all entryways to city facilities.
» Parks Regulation Bylaw 35-66

Smoke free parks and outdoor spaces contribute to a healthy and safe environment.

The amended bylaw took effect February 1, 2016. Currently, no additional bylaw staffing resources will be allocated to this bylaw amendment but where enforcement is required a minimum fine of $100 will be in effect.

Why Smoke Free Parks?

  • Smoke free parks and outdoor spaces contribute to a healthy and safe environment.
  • Smoking produces associated litter and cleanup costs and toxins released by discarded smoking materials can seep into soil and water, affecting plant and animal life.
  • Improperly extinguished and discarded cigarette butts can cause fires.
  • Reduced exposure to second-hand smoke in public spaces will present fewer health impacts to non-smokers and to persons with existing medical conditions.
  • Smoking restrictions may also increase the motivation for smokers to quit.

According to Interior Health, there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke and tobacco is the number one cause of death and disease in our society, causing almost 6,000 deaths in BC each year.

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