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Peterson Creek Park

Peterson Creek Park

A picnic in the park

A great family hiking and picnic area with plenty of grassy areas, picnic tables and great hiking trails leading to the caves and the falls.

The park offers a unique and natural creek corridor along with its surrounding terrain which is similar to that of Kenna Cartwright Nature Park. The park encompasses 94 hectares and can be accessed from the main entrance at the south end of Glen Fair Dr, accessed off of Columbia Street. The Park's southern boundary extends to Chancellor Dr with additional entrances east of Summit Dr at a variety of locations. Some exciting attractions in Peterson creek include the Bridal Veil falls and a panoramic view of the park from some of the higher elevated trails.


Over 30 kilometres of gentle nature trails meander through the park. Trail difficulty ratings (largely influenced by elevation change) are indicated on the park map and at trail junctions in the park. Designated trails are indicated on the park map and in the field with trail markers at each junction. Aside from the Bridal Veil Falls Trail area, there are no technical or extreme trails found in the park.

Due to the large size of the park and exposure to the elements, come prepared with ample drinking water, sunscreen, good footwear, and proper attire for your trip. Trail distances are indicated on the park map. Distances are shown in meters from each trail junction. The average hiker can expect to cover about 2.5 km (2500 meters) in an hour.

Please note: It is always a good idea to let someone know how long you plan to be in the park and notify them upon your return home.

Commercial activities, group activities or sporting events held within the park are welcome but require advanced booking as well as a park use permit.

Parks Operations
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