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McArthur Island Park

McArthur Island Park

Sports and nature abound

McArthur Island Park is a must visit for the active tourist. Golf, soccer, football, baseball, and cricket games can be viewed as you stroll around the perimeter of the park on the paved trail.

Unorganized recreational pursuits include walking, jogging and rollerblading on a 3.1 km paved perimeter walkway. Much of the walkway passes by unique and natural riparian areas and the deck along the south side provides a relaxing rest spot and a place to observe many different birds.

Kamloops Skatepark
This 2000 square metre concrete paradise holds some of the best features in BC. 4' quarterpipes line the upper decks for maximum speed and flow, while the plethora of obstacles will keep you busy all day.

McArthur Island Sports and Events Centre
A 1200 seat N & L arena, an 800 seat Olympic ice sheet and a curling rink. Recent renovations now offer 9 full size soccer fields, 1 super 8 soccer field and 2 baseball fields from rookie to midget ages.

McArthur Island Youth Centre - Capacity 100 - 444
This facility includes computer access, a full-size gymnasium, 2 kitchens, craft room, wood shop, games/lounge room and teen room. The playing fields, tennis courts and natural setting of the island lends to the diversity of programs offered at the Club. It is used mainly for youth activity and is home to the Kamloops Boys and Girls Club.

Lawn Bowling
The McArthur Island Lawn Bowling Club has been on the island for over 15 years and provides both social and recreational activities for many bowlers both young and old alike.

Norbrock Stadium
Norbrock was built as a 1967 Canada Centennial project. In 2005 the stadium received a $2.2 M facelift adding new dugouts, change rooms, washrooms and seating for 1500 spectators. Norbrock is home to Thompson Rivers Univesity Wolf Pack and Kamloops Sun Devils baseball clubs. The arena comes alive every July during the Kamloops International Baseball Tournament which hosts teams from Canada and the USA.

Canada Games Ball Field
The Canada Games Ball Field is a legacy from 1993 when Kamloops hosted this national event.

Approximately 4,500 youth soccer players will take advantage of the 9 new soccer pitches at McArthur Island. The Kamloops Youth Soccer Association also have their new offices located at the newly renovated Press Box restaurant building. In addition 1500 mens and ladies senior leagues will make the "Island" their home.

McArthur Island Golf Course
This comprehensive golf facility is a complete nine hole executive golf course with club rentals and pro shop.

Xeriscape Demonstration Garden
In Kamloops, the City has promoted Xeriscaping through the creation of a Xeriscape Demonstration Garden in McArthur Park, and through holding several xeriscaping seminars. Xeriscaping emphasizes the efficient use of the minimum amount of water required to sustain an attractive and functional landscape.
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