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Monday, November 2, 2015

Overlanders Bridge Re-Opens

Kamloops, B.C. - After six months, the Overlanders bridge re-opened to four lanes of traffic on October 31, as originally scheduled.

During breaks in the weather on Friday and Saturday, the contractor, Innovative Civil Constructors Inc. (ICCI), used blowers to dry the bridge deck in order to install the last of the waterproofing membrane, prior to final paving.

Line painting will take place soon, followed by the installation of rubber seals on the bridge joints which, in addition to protecting the joints, should also help dampen the noise as vehicles travel over the joints. All this work will be completed at night.

"ICCI and the project team did a phenomenal job completing this project. Everyone involved with the bridge project did a great job, including the flaggers from Alliance Traffic Group. We heard nothing but good things from the public about their friendly and professional attitudes", says Darren Crundwell, Capital Projects Manager. "We know that this project impacted a lot of people on a daily basis, including commuters and businesses. While the work had to be done, we really appreciate the patience that most people showed throughout the project."

"Our goal from the beginning was to be as transparent as possible about the project and the potential impact to commuters, businesses and other stakeholders", says Colleen Lepik, Transportation Coordinator and communications lead for the project. "We learned from some of our past capital projects that we needed to work closely with key stakeholders, like emergency services, transit, school district and the North Shore Business Improvement Association, and involve them right from the start. And that we needed to keep the public informed about what to expect when they crossed the bridge each day."

Through an extensive communications plan, the City provided weekly traffic updates through advertising, their website and social media. They also installed a permanent web cam on the bridge. To view photos of the Overlanders Bridge project, go to


Media Contact:

Darren Crundwell, Capital Projects Manager
City of Kamloops

Colleen Lepik, Transportation Coordinator
City of Kamloops

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