News from Kamloops

Jan 26, 2015

Fines Withdrawn in Crow Feeding Case

Kamloops, B.C. – The City of Kamloops is pleased to advise that the case of the Kamloops resident feeding crows resulting in nuisance complaints has been resolved. Discussions with Mr. Jackson, the resident in this case, have resulted in an agreement to stop feeding the birds at or near his residence in the future. Over time, this is expected to put an end to the birds following him to his residence and creating nuisance concerns for others nearby.

Jon Wilson, Community Safety and Enforcement Manager for the City of Kamloops advised that, in general, residents should not be concerned with feeding birds or having feeders on their property, because in most situations it does not impact others in the area. It is only in rare instances, such as this recent occurrence, that the activity is identified as a nuisance. In these cases, the City would be in contact with affected parties to discuss the situation to try to resolve the concerns before fines would be contemplated.

Through discussion with Mr. Jackson and with his cooperation, the parties involved have reached an opportunity for compliance. The City therefore withdraws all fines that were issued in order to support this cooperative solution.


Media Contacts:
Jon Wilson, Community Safety & Enforcement Manager
City of Kamloops