News from Kamloops

Jan 5, 2015

City crews dealing with heavy snowfall

Kamloops, B.C. – With the unprecedented snowfall over the last few days, and with more snow predicted today, the City of Kamloops is doing their utmost to keep up with snowplowing and maintenance.

City staff are providing 24-hour coverage with all City snowplowing equipment on the streets.  Crew leaders are scheduling staff for extra hours as WCB work/rest time permits. The City has also contracted out some grader services to move the large amounts of snow on the roadways.

Major roadways, including arterials and collectors, such as Summit Drive, Fortune Drive and Dallas Drive, receive priority. Side streets will hills are being addressed when possible. Residents should not expect most side streets to be plowed until mid-week.

Residents can help by only traveling when needed, being patient and cautious, and ensuring they don't shovel snow onto the travel portion of the road. Please refrain from parking on the sides of the road until the snow has been removed.

Accumulated snow from the Downtown and North Shore business areas will be collected starting Tuesday night.

The City recognizes that plowing will result in significant windrows. Please note it is the responsibility of residents to shovel windrows. It is strongly recommended that windrows are shoveled as soon as possible before they freeze and are unmovable.

Questions and concerns should be directed to 250-828-3461, however the City requests that residents refrain from calling about side streets and windrows in order to keep the phone lines clear for emergencies.


Media Contact:
Jen Fretz, Public Works & Utilities Director
City of Kamloops