News from Kamloops

Nov 24, 2014

TCC Speed Watch Campaign

Kamloops, B.C. – The Tournament Capital Centre is a busy place that attracts people of all ages from all over. As a result, the TCC parking lots tend to get congested, raising concerns around the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Community Safety volunteers who work the Speed Watch Program will be operating at the TCC on November 25th and 26th to actively remind drivers to watch their speeds and pay attention to pedestrian traffic while at the facility.

"We hope this campaign serves as reminder for drivers to slow down and be alert so that all pedestrians, including parents with young children, enjoy a safe visit,” says Glen Cheetham, supervisor with the City of Kamloops. “This is especially important given that it is now dark during our peak capacity. We are asking all drivers to please respect the posted 20 km/h speed limit.”

"City of Kamloops Community Safety volunteers are working hard to spread the message that pedestrians and motorists are equally responsible for sharing the road safely; whether on public streets, or in parking lots,” said Athena Smith, Crime Prevention Coordinator for the City. “Our teams will also be engaging with TCC visitors concerning visibility and pedestrian safety, as well as driver speeds and distractions.”



Media Contact:
Glen Cheetham, Aquatics Program Supervisor
City of Kamloops

Athena Smith, Crime Prevention Coordinator
City of Kamloops