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Nov 6, 2014

Tournament Capital Centre Working Towards Zero Waste

Kamloops, B.C. – For the past two weeks a waste audit has been underway at the City of Kamloops Tournament Capital Centre (TCC). This audit is the first of three phases that will be occurring at the facility as the City works towards its Zero Waste Initiative, where resources are conserved and recovered rather than being buried in a landfill.

With over a million TCC visitors a year, the waste audit will provide the City with valuable information to better understand what waste is being generated, how much is generated and where in the facility it is generated. To date the waste audit was not disclosed to the public in order to get a more truthful idea of generated waste. That will change on November 7th, 2014 as the waste audit will be front and centre outside of the TCC main entrance.

"We see this as an opportunity for public awareness on the waste being generated at the facility, and to provide the public with waste reduction education," said Jeff Putnam, Parks and Civic Facilities Manager. "The public will have the chance to watch the audit process, to ask questions and to share their ideas on how the City can achieve zero waste at TCC." City staff will be on hand to throughout the day to answer the public’s questions and to take note of the public's ideas.

Waste Naught BC is the contractor who has been conducting the waste audit and their staff will also be on site Friday. Owner Marcia Dick stated, "Conducting a waste audit at TCC has been a challenging process due to all of the different user groups at the facility, however the goal of zero waste is achievable with the support of the public taking that conscious step."

Phase two will commence in early 2015 and will include the unveiling of new diversion tools and education platforms at TCC including composters, zero waste stations, and staff and public education. The third and final phase of the Zero Waste Initiative will occur in late 2015. It will include a follow-up waste audit to see how much progress has been made towards zero waste.

"The City of Kamloops Sustainable Kamloops Plan has various measures of success including reducing solid waste landfilled to 0.3 tonnes per capita by 2020, as compared to the 2007 baseline year of 0.6 tonnes per capita. This Zero Waste Initiative directly supports that sustainability goal," stated Putnam. The long term goal will be to work towards zero waste at every City-owned facility.

Tournament Capital Centre users can help achieve the goal of zero waste by looking for the new zero waste stations in 2015, sorting their waste into the proper bins, and helping to eliminate their personal waste by Rethinking, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling!


Media Contact:
Jeff Putnam, Parks and Civic Facilities Manager
City of Kamloops