News from Kamloops

January 17, 2014

The Kamloops Museum Presents: Chinese Legacies: Building the Canadian Pacific Railway

Kamloops, B.C. –Kamloops Museum & Archives presents their new exhibit Chinese Legacies: Building the Canadian Pacific Railway, on display in the temporary exhibit gallery from January 10th to April 30th.

Chinese Legacies is a collaborative exhibit project between the Revelstoke Railway Museum and the Revelstoke Museum & Archives. This exhibit tells the fascinating story of the Chinese labourers who helped build the Canadian Pacific Railway through the difficult mountain terrain between Port Moody and Craigellachie. Working under terrible conditions in extreme weather, Chinese labourers blasted tunnels, built bridges and levelled the right-of-way to make Canada’s national railway a reality. Between 600 and 2,200 of these men died from accidents and sickness during construction. The story of the Chinese railway workers speaks to our national story and is suitable for a wide-ranging audience in communities all across the country.


Media Contact:
Melissa Baker-Seguin, Museum Educator
City of Kamloops