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November 27, 2013

A fifth year of Safe for the Season launches November 29...

Kamloops, BC – – Once again, Community Safety volunteers are focusing their efforts on parking areas in retail locations, targeting shoppers during the holiday period. "Safe for the Season" tip cards containing information on vehicle crime prevention practices will be left on windshields, while the volunteers patrol the parking lots. They will also be engaging with shoppers to remind them of the importance of securing their purchases out of sight, along with any other valuables.

Community Safety will be launching the 2013 Safe for the Season campaign this Friday, November 29th at 12:30 pm at Lansdowne Village. Volunteers and the RCMP will be out patrolling retail parking lots and handing out crime prevention tip cards to the public.

"Ultimately, the best practice is to take your parcels out of your vehicle at the earliest opportunity. Thieves are shopping too, so don't make your vehicle a target", says Crime Prevention Coordinator Sandro Piroddi. "Our Community Safety Volunteers want you to practice the tips on the cards that are being handed out and have a safe and secure holiday season."
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Media Contact:
Sandro Piroddi, Crime Prevention Coordinator
Community Safety, City of Kamloops