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November 15, 2013

Second Public Input Report released for Agriculture Area Plan

Kamloops, B.C. - The results of public engagement toward the development of an Agriculture Area Plan (AAP) have been compiled and published in a second public input report now available on the City's website and in hard copy upon request.

Public Input Report 2 contains all public input received throughout the AAP development process following the publishing of Public Input Report 1 in June of 2012. The intent of the report was to gain a better understanding of the issues and opportunities facing local agriculture from the community's perspective and to provide the Agriculture Advisory Committee and staff with ideas that could be considered in the development of strategies and actions for the AAP.

Some of the engagement opportunities covered in Public Input Report 2 include a farm tour, roadshow presentations, surveys and open houses.

Overall, the AAP process sparked a great deal of enthusiasm from the community and public engagement opportunities were well attended. Feedback received from the various events/venues was constructive and geared toward building a stronger support system for the local agriculture industry. Local producers played a substantial role in terms of providing meaningful input toward the AAP.

"We have heard from the agriculture community that the draft Plan is a good first step in the right direction towards creating a stronger municipal support system for agriculture. Much of the public input received has been incorporated into action items in the Plan," commented Maren Luciani, Project Planner for the AAP.

The Agriculture Advisory Committee is now working with staff to consider all of the feedback received from the open houses and a Council Workshop, the final two engagement opportunities in the planning process. "Some minor revisions will be made to the Plan based on feedback received. It is anticipated that the AAP will come before City Council for adoption in the coming months," said Ms. Luciani.

Once adopted, implementation of the AAP, which will involve further development of each of the action items identified in the Plan, will begin.

Both Public Input Reports as well as other background reports generated to support development of the AAP are available on the website at along with the draft AAP.

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Media Contact:
Maren Luciani, Planner
City of Kamloops