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May 15, 2013

Boating Advisory Issued for North & South Thompson Rivers

Kamloops, B.C. - Due to high water levels, swift currents and heavy debris in the North and South Thompson Rivers, a safety advisory is being issued for all users of these waterways. Public safety officials do not recommend boating on these waterways or swimming in any area where there is direct current flow. Due to unobservable underwater hazards at the Valleyview boat launch, this boat launch has been closed to public use until further notice.

The present conditions on these waterways create a significant risk for vessel damage and personal injury in the event of capsize or personal exposure to the direct currents in the river.

These same conditions also increase the risk for rescue personnel who may be called upon to provide assistance to stranded vessels or individuals caught in the fast moving currents.

Daily assessments are being made of the water volumes in both of these rivers. The City of Kamloops Emergency Management Team is working closely with provincial hydrology experts and meteorologists to provide a daily analysis of the water levels and to forecast the anticipated levels for the next several days. The most current forecast indicates that water levels may fluctuate slightly over the next few days. Future predictions indicate a decreasing water level.

Should the water levels, current flow and debris composition of the rivers continue to increase during the next few weeks, safety requirements may dictate a complete river closure. This will include closing all of the municipal boat launches within the Kamloops area. All efforts will be made to give boat owners advance notice of any predicted increases in water levels that would trigger river or boat launch closures. Should this occur, boat owners will be encouraged to remove their vessels from waterways before closures.

Boat operators and water enthusiasts are asked to exercise prudence and good judgment when contemplating use of the waterways over the long weekend.

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Media Contact:
Dan Sutherland, Emergency Program Coordinator
City of Kamloops