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September 7, 2012

Singh Bowl Washrooms Switch to Solar Power

Kamloops, B.C. - Singh Bowl Park is the most recent of City of Kamloops' facilities to take another green step forward, with the installation of a new solar power system to power the washroom building, parking lot lighting and irrigation system.

The solar system consists of twelve 230 watt panels, installed on the south facing side of the washroom building roof. Power is generated by the solar panels, it is used by the facility and any excess power is supplied back onto the BC Hydro grid for use elsewhere.

The design calculations indicate that this should be a "net-zero" facility; over time the amount of energy produced by the solar panels will meet the power demands of the building.

The bi-directional meter installed on the building shows that since that meter was installed at the end of July, the system has exported more power than imported. This means the building ran at better than net-zero for August. However, the import/export will change over the course of the year with weather and usage changes.

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Media Contact:
Shawn Cook, Parks Operations Supervisor
City of Kamloops

Marcie Cochrane, Energy Management Coordinator,
City of Kamloops