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July 13, 2012

Newborns born in Kenna Cartwright Park

Kamloops, B.C. - It's not all just been about gobbling down noxious weeds at Kenna Cartwright Park for the gardening goats. Over the last few days, the herd has welcomed a few newborn goats born in the Kamloops park during the project.

Newborns in Kenna Cartwright Park

Although actual measurements will be taken after they leave, visually the goats seem to be reducing the Dalmatian Toadflax cover significantly. All interactions between park users and the goats have been positive and there have not been any negative interactions with wildlife, or collateral damage to highly desirable species, such as Mariposa Lilly. Thus far, the City is pleased with the progress of this pilot project.

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Media Contact:
Kelly Johnston, Section Leader- Natural Resources/IPM
City of Kamloops