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June 28, 2012

City EOC Moves to Recovery Phase

Kamloops, B.C. - As river levels recede, the Kamloops Emergency Operations Centre is planning for demobilization and deconstruction of the flood protection measures that were undertaken.

The gabion flood baskets and fencing will remain erected through the coming weekend and possibly longer as water levels remain high and ground saturation exists. The EOC will monitor river level declines and drying and will begin basket removal when safe to do so. A plan is also being developed to assist property owners with sandbag pick up. Information on this pick up will follow in the coming days. Residents should note that pick up of the sandbags will occur no sooner than next week.

Residents are reminded to avoid riverfront areas due to the fast moving current and use extra caution on the Rivers Trails as there is sand and gravel on the pathway from the installation of the Gabion flood baskets. Caution should also be taken in all areas adjacent to riverbanks due to swift water and potential erosion risks. Please obey all signage.

River closures issued by the RCMP are still in effect and will continue over the July 1st weekend. Due to navigational hazards, safety concerns and erosion along the corridor, boaters and recreational watercraft users are advised to stay off the rivers.

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Media Contact:
Tammy Robertson, Information Officer
City of Kamloops