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May 17, 2012

Bar Safe Program Announcement

Kamloops, B.C. - The Bar Safe Program is a strategic partnership between the Kamloops RCMP, BC Liquor and Licensing Branch, the City of Kamloops, and local business owners in addressing the issues arising from the early morning bar flush.

The RCMP have worked closely with the owners of licensed establishments in the downtown core, Inspectors from BC Liquor and Licensing Branch, the taxi industry and the City of Kamloops to help create awareness around the impact of liquor service and the bar flush, and in seeking cooperation with creating solutions to the issues.

The RCMP is committed to adopting measures that will enhance the safety of people and the protection of property, particularly during the early morning bar flush. Licensed establishments are adopting a mutually acceptable and monitored Code of Conduct, which is a positive step in keeping the downtown licensed premise environment enjoyable, desirable and safe.

There will be additional presence and monitoring in the downtown.

The City of Kamloops has been in contact with the taxi industry to address issues with transportation and moving people out of downtown core after establishments close, resulting in the implementation of a pilot project for taxi stands.

These taxi stands, which will be located on the 400 block of Lansdowne and the 200 block of Victoria Street, will help move people out of the downtown core during the bar flush. The taxi industry has agreed to support the use of these taxi stands between the hours of 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. During this period they will not be picking up people who 'flag' down taxis, however they will still continue to provide direct service for restaurants and other clients who specifically call for service. The City is requesting the cooperation of patrons who frequent the establishments to utilize the service.

See map.

Taxi stand areas will still remain available throughout the daytime as metered parking for use by downtown businesses and customers. Local businesses in areas around the taxi stands are encouraged to contact the City if there are any concerns or issues arising from this program.

In support of this initiative, the City has also issued an RFP to solicit additional late night transportation solutions for the large volume of customers leaving establishments in the downtown core late at night. The RFP submissions are presently being evaluated and may be undertaken if deemed feasible to providing additional support to this cause.

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Media Contact:
Jon Wilson, Community Safety and Enforcement Manager
City of Kamloops

Cpl. Nick Lee, RCMP